House Arrest

Jonathon discusses how playing Portal helped him through the depression of being under house arrest. 

About half a year back me and pretty much all my friends got caught for smoking weed (not caught red handed, it was an ongoing investigation). I had some heads up since my friends were disappearing slowly and one of them warned me, but it’s still not a pleasant experience when you get woken up by two cops with a search warrant and then taken to the station for 8 hours where a woman behind a desk tries to get you to rat out your friends.

Before they sent me home, I had to sign a release stating I wouldn’t talk to anyone involved in the case for 30 days (and they didn’t state who, they just said I knew who they were talking about, so I had to stay away from all of my friends) and 5 days house arrest on top of that.

This may seem minor and temporary, but while in my house I spent most of my time contemplating which of my “friends” ratted me out. I was also having uncomfortable silences with my mom, and was occasionally yelled at.

While I was depressed out of my mind at home I figured I’d play Portal, since I wanted to try it for a few months and never really got around to it. Plus I had plenty of time. In the beginning it just depressed me more - I sympathized with the whole “trapped in a giant lab” feel of the game and for a while I just kept playing because I had nothing else to do. But when I finally beat the game and Still Alive played, I felt really relieved and happy, and I think I actually laughed out loud.

Just the light note that the game ended on made the whole experience bearable for a while, and I still smile when I hear that song.

Also, a friend of mine who got six months house arrest for “dealing” (he bought stuff for us, never made a profit), was depressed as hell the first couple months too, until a friend of mine loaned him his ps2 and I gave him Tekken 5. Six months later all we do when he comes over is play Tekken 5 and his catchphrase is a devil jin line. so I think that helped a little bit.

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