A Hero In The City of Villains

James Abrazado discusses how an unlikely friend he met through City of Villains taught him to accept his sexuality and encouraged him to come out to his schoolmates. 

A few years ago I played City of Heroes and City of Villains. I played both equally but I really got into my female villain Asphoedel Rose. Once, I joined a team with a much higher level player derping with us. Soon everyone left except for me and the higher level player whose villain name I can’t recall and real name I won’t disclose. We became good partners in crime, teamed up a lot and talked about IRL stuff.

One week I told him how about a crush I had on this guy at my school. I’m a boy. He said the guy would probably love a gamer chick like me. I told him I’m a guy. He was a white boy who was playing from Texas. I felt kind of stupid revealing that; going to a Texan for tolerance is a bit like going to McDonald’s looking to lose weight. All he said was “Cool, well now he can game with you and not have to take a break one week out the month; imagine a chick on her period with gamerage.”

I myself wasn’t that comfortable with my sexuality, but we’d talk about it and he made me feel cool about it. He’d crack jokes about how I would rather play with joysticks than teammates. He even encouraged me to ask out my crush and to start coming out to people.

I got shot down by my crush, but that evil brute who I used to crack superhero skulls and rob banks with was a real hero got me to accept myself for who I am. He taught me that you can find cool, accepting people in your school, and in the dirty crime ridden streets of the Rogue Isles.

I stopped playing when I entered high school: I’m now in grade eleven. I’m not even sure if he still plays. But with City of Heroes and City of Villains going F2P I hope I can jump back in and maybe see if my hero is online.

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